Professor Layton and the Curious Village

Baby pom-pom hat

I loom-knitted this because I've never really worked with textured yarn before so I wasn't sure how it would be (not good). It's a bit luuumpy and there might be a hole in the top (that will be our secret!) but it's really soft and I looove this yarn!
I'm too lazy to measure so I think it's six inches wide and five inches tall maybe maybe not
Professor Layton and the Curious Village

Baby mermaid

A baby prop for my father!
It's got two sections of Velcro dots (to make it looser or more snug), since it's basically a wrap, and the fin is pinned on.
I am much too lazy to measure it so I'm going to say it's about a foot and a half long from fin to tip and about seven inches wide at the thickest point!
Professor Layton and the Curious Village

Cuddly Panda scarf

Oh my gosh I'm not uploading the other picture I've got places to be
A panda scarf for my friend to go with that koala hat I showed you before!
It's all in double crochet (sans for the parts where I accidentally went into triple crochet) and the little feets and tail, and the features which are made with felt and painted on with fabric paint.
It's almost six feet long and it's four inches wide. Super soft!
Professor Layton and the Curious Village

Fancy-shmancy sheep!

Ta-da! It's a sheep for my friend's (belated) birthday, because he loves sheep. He also dresses very nicely so this sheep is dressed nicely, too, with earrings even!
His face is a little wonky, and his feet too, honestly.  (´・ω・`) I'm not good at patterns. (Want some proof? I was trying to follow this pattern in the beginning but completely scrapped that after I finished the head, which was way larger than it was supposed to be)

I hope he'll like it!
Professor Layton and the Curious Village

Baby swing

My father, a recently retired cameraman, is starting up a home photography business! He's hoping to shoot newborns take pictures of newborns and had me make this prop swing for them. I tested the length and width and strength, and it's all very tight so there shouldn't be a problem. Even so, safety is the main priority, so there will be a mattress underneath it! ^^;

The swing itself is in triple crochet while the straps are in single crochet. It's about four feet long!