Super Junior Happy--Good job!

Tea Party Berets!

The hats are adorned with a doily atop them, completed with a teacup and platter of chocolate chip cookies!

At the left of the hat sits a flower, similar to the doily, and blooms prettily.

I will admit I'm not completely thrilled with how this turned out, but I do like them! ;u;
If you're interested in learning more about these berets, feel free to visit my Etsy!
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Guillaume the pumpkin scarecrow warrior!

Guillaume (Gee-yohm) was born/made in a pumpkin and sunflower farm. Upon getting his trendy sunflower buttons and hat brim--his pumpkin stem is the top of the hat--he realized he was meant for more than shooing away crows. Even his name said as much, for it means "Strong-willed warrior"!
Guillaume has decided since then that he is not fit for protecting squash, but rather, protecting children. He serves to sit in your child's room and scare off any and all monsters or nightmares, but still be kind and soft simultaneously. His eyes are very large and widely spaced as to spy any and all disturbances easier and stop them in their tracks! Even so, Guillaume is still a quiet, French gentleman and enjoys quiet evenings.
He is about seven inches (18 centimeters) tall, but he is not recommended for children under the age of three.
I love him. ;u;
Guillaume is for sale on my Etsy shop for fifteen dollars! <3
Super Junior Happy--Good job!

I just had a thunk

Instead of having a blog entirely dedicated to crochet and knitting projects (which is relatively boring), why not have one dedicated to me learning?
In truth, I feel like I'm very ignorant to the world and its mysterious ways, and lately I've been wanting to change that. I am home schooled, and have been since I was five or so, and the way I get taught here isn't completely to my liking--I still don't feel very intelligent at the end of the day.
So! I've been checking out books at the library recently about things I want to learn up on (diabetes, China, the Spanish language). If I've got a Livejournal, which is sort of like a public diary, why not write down my daily, newly-found knowledge?
I am talking to myself OKAY BYE but that is what I am going to do
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Every baby needs a panda!

Remember that pink mouse-eared baby's hat I made? It doesn't actually fit the baby! ;^;
I felt bad so I crocheted her a doughnut-ring panda rattle. &hearts;

It's about four inches wide, five long (including the head) and the ring is about four inches diameter-wise (is that how you say it?).
The head's only about three inches long and two wide. It's lightly stuffed and there are teensy jingle bells inside! I made sure they were in the middle of the stuffing to lessen possible choking accidents (I sewed everything on VERY OBSESSIVELY just in case).
The ears were crocheted, along with the eyes, and sewed on. The nose and mouth were "embroidered" on. I'm not completely pleased with this because it looks weird to me, but again, it was my first time. >: And three in the morning when I was nearly done with it
It kind of looks like it has a mustache.
I hope she likes it! ^///^
being nommy, Sungminnie and Kangin

I just took a picture of my desk and...

...Yeah. My computer screen apparently doesn't show up well in cameras but I'm watching anime and listening to K-pop while I crochet.
Aaand my Super Junior calendar. <3
Oh good heavens there's more yarn in those bags on the floor I have a problem
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Koala hat!

There it is, and my gorgeous face. I had to tie the ear flaps over several times for them to fit in the shot but I assure you they look better  normally.
I am not the best at taking pictures, editing, or posting things, but now that we have that out of the way, there is the full hat! ^^ It was made with pretty much NO pattern and it's all crochet. I'm going to assume it's almost two feet long from ear to pom-pom, maybe eight inches long width-wise? I'm bad also at estimating. ^^;
Sweet heavens, the ears are different sizes and I only noticed how NOTICEABLE it was just now. D: Oh well! It gives it character. (I almost kept the eyes being completely lopsided, too...)
And I forgot how to make pom-poms and sort of remembered how to and these were the result. I'm so afraid they're going to come out ;3;
That is a close-up of the smaller ear. I really liked the way the stitching came out! :3 I'd just crocheted a small circle for the ear and then crocheted an even smaller one to sew into it (originally, I was going to put felt instead but I didn't know how to attach it). I think it looks really doll-like this way.
This is for my darling friend who lives in Finland <333 She loves koalas, cute things, hats, dressing up, and hates being cold so I made this for her birthday. I hope she likes it. <3
Professor Layton and the Curious Village

Dyed yarn fun!

It's dyed with Kool-AID! o3o Some of you might know that you can dye your hair with Kool-AID and that it will never, ever come out and the same goes for wool yarn! You can only dye yarn that is made of animal fibers (like our hair) so that's why we used wool. ^^ 
The specific colors/flavors I used to dye were Black Cherry (a deep red), Cherry (a brighter red), Pink Lemonade (a delightfully pink pink!) and Mango (a gorgeous orange-yellow). I'm very pleased <3 I plan to make a bunny with this! It will be very girly and bright. I think this yarn shows off my personality. <3
That's all! 83
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Tee-hee, I've been learning how to crochet and loom knit these past years I was gone! ^^;

Ta-da! ♥ I loom knitted the hat and crocheted the ears, and the booties are crocheted as well.
My computer got a virus back in November and the man who fixed it (who is a friend of my father's) had a baby a week or two ago so we thought this would be a nice gesture to make. ^^
The yarn I used is Red Heart Baby Cloud yarn in Pink Lemonade. SWEET LUMPY JENKINS I hate crocheting with this yarn. I can't see the stitches very well and it's so textured that pulling out the incorrect stitches is incredibly difficult. And it's really warm and fuzzy so my hands are always sweaty and gross by the time I'm done. :| But yes, it's done.
The hat is about four or five inches long, four inches wide, and the ears are only about two inches long and wide. The booties are maybe four inches long and two wide.
I hope they like them! >3<
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Happy New Year of the Tiger!

Happy New Year of the Tiger! 8DDDDDDD

I read recently that the motto for people of the Year of the Tiger is “I win.” I assume that Years of the Tiger are accompanied with many successes? :D;;

If so, this is the perfect year for New Year Goals. [/NERD D:]



Goals of the New Year:


-Take good-and-slash-or better care of yourself! I can’t stress this enough! Nowadays people get stressed or overwhelmed or busy, or terrible combinations of everything and that eventually takes a toll on our bodies (and in a lot of cases, that creates more stress; not a pleasant cycle).

Organize some things a bit more (set goals about when you should start your diet, when you should end your diet, when you should go on vacation, when you should visit the doctors….) and you might be surprised at how much better you feel!

And another thing: make regular check-ups. And maybe not just regular, either; when you feel something is out-of-order or when there’s something going around that you don’t want to catch.

One last thing: Alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs? A positive no-go. (Before anyone starts with the “A glass a day is good for your heart,” this is not necessarily true—in each glass, there’s a 12% increase of the chances of getting breast cancer in women.)


-Do know your limits! With the exception of breathing, digesting, and most other bodily-functions, everything must be done in moderation. Urvreetheeng. Even health food, exercise, reading, and surfing the ‘Net.

Don’t trust me?

…You should. Why would I lie to you? I love you!

Don’t look at me like that. You love me, too. 83


-Just be nicer. You’ll get a lot more out of it than by being anything else! (Know there is such a thing as being too nice, though :D;; )



The above goals were more or less intended for myself, though any number of people can “use” them if they’d like.

The below, however, is just a slight reminder for myself, but I’d recommend it to anyone who has equal or lesser coordination than me:

-Stop drinking milkshakes in the bathtub. It is only delicious momentarily; then you spill it everywhere and the water becomes chocolatey.

(Likewise, it is a terrible idea to read while eating a milkshake in the bathtub. :| )



(P.S. If anyone is curious about the Years or the Chinese Zodiac, try this:

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