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Rosy-colored, Lacy-bordered Days

I enjoy things. ♥

It's nice to meet you! I always like to meet new people, even if they may not want to meet me.
I am fairly young and tiny, with deep affection towards all pretty things.
I enjoy crafting and learning and many creative hobbies! I wanted to practice and learn more and document my experiences so here I am.
I'd like to become a masseuse when I am of age but do something creative on the side, such as novel writing!

Though I'm told otherwise, I don't feel very bright and thus I want to learn as much as I can now when I am in my youth. Should I post anything unintelligent, you will know why.

Ideally I want to learn how to sew, cook, bake, design and decorate (both fashion and desserts), make latte art, watercolor, and embroider as far as creativity goes, and I'd love to learn a language such as French or Italian because I find them very lyrical. I have been studying Japanese for several years but haven't had much success (but I still press on!)

Have a lovely day!